7 Ways to be More Efficient Learning from Home

Mar 25, 2020 11:01:57 AM

A few weeks ago, a lot of students began to attend school online because of the coronavirus. This is a big change that has been affecting all different types of students all over the globe indefinitely. Adapting to remote learning isn't always easy when you're used to being in the classroom. We hope some of our tips will help you maximize your learning at home during this time!
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Does Working While in College Hurt Grades?

Nov 26, 2018 1:20:00 PM

Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that students who work less than twenty hours per week have a higher GPA than non-working students. Due to the rising costs of college and declining affordability, working while in college is necessary for many students as they use this income to support themselves financially while being away from home. The more students earn while in college, the less they will have to borrow  to pay for school and working while in school also helps students learn to keep themselves organized, manage their time, and understand how to prioritize.

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How to Stretch Your Dollar During College

Sep 13, 2018 4:43:00 PM

There’s no better time to learn how to skimp and save than when you are in college! Chances are, you’re on a tight budget. We all know the stress that comes with such restriction, so we’ve put together this handy list of ways to penny-pinch.

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Student Loans: How to Pick Your Lender

Aug 14, 2018 2:44:33 PM

There are so many decisions to make during the college planning process; it's easy to get overwhelmed. By the time you need to finance your own or your child's education, you may have reached decision fatigue. All too often, decision fatigue leads to inaction, analysis paralysis, or a hastily-made choice - none of which are likely to result in the best of outcomes. 

Choosing your student loan lender is a big deal. This is an organization you are likely to work with over the next 5 - 20 years of your life. Conventional wisdom may inspire you to simply compare rates, choose the lowest, and get the whole process over with quickly. Or maybe you just plan to go to your bank to keep all of your finances in one place. But there can be some major differences in the rates, fees, level of service, and benefits student loan providers offer, so doing a more thorough comparison is a wise move.

Don't be one of the many borrowers filled with regret about their choice of lender. We've put together the below guide to help you select a student loan provider that you'll be happy with. It may take a little bit more of your time, but it will be well worth your effort in the long run. 

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Fixed vs variable: Why your student loan rate type matters

Jun 21, 2018 11:51:00 AM

All too often, when students and parents are searching for the best deal for their student loans, they focus on finding the lowest rate, but forget to consider the rate type. Later, when they are in repayment, they are often shocked when their monthly payments change. This is why it is critical that you don't only look at your student loan interest rate, but also pay attention to the type of rate that you are being offered. 

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How to compare student loan options

Jun 18, 2018 11:25:00 AM

If you are in need of a loan for college, it is important that you understand how to compare your options in order to get the best deal for your family. 

Students typically should borrow Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loans before seeking a loan elsewhere. These loans have low fixed rates and the most flexible repayment options on the market. If your family applied for financial aid, these loans would have been included in the student's financial aid award letter. 

However, federal student loan options have annual borrowing limits and unfortunately, for many families, the amounts aren't enough to cover the total amount they need to pay to the college. That is where other options come in and when comparing becomes necessary. 

The remaining loan types fall into three major categories: federal, state-based, and private. 

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Announcing 2018/19 RISLA Loan Rates

Apr 25, 2018 11:48:06 AM

RISLA is excited to announce that it has lowered interest rates for the 2018/19 academic year and has launched a new, streamlined application with pre-qualification that won't impact applicants' credit scores. 

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RISLA's Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Dec 29, 2017 12:36:00 PM

This year alone we published over 90 blogs, but these 10 blogs really stuck out. We've covered almost everything college related, from discussing loan options to the very first steps of college planning. Save the blogs you love and share the ones that you think others need to see!

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Winter Budget Bites... Meals for College Students

Dec 14, 2017 10:33:00 AM

Ahh... Winter. The best time of year to use the slow cooker, eat soups, and make comfort foods that remind you of home! These meals are budget friendly and are simple for college students and recent grads to prepare. As a recent graduate and current graduate student myself I know how difficult it is to resist the urge of eating out. Between a full-time job and class, I want to grab and go, but my budget just simply doesn't allow for me to eat out 7 days a week.

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College Life: Should I Be an RA?

Dec 11, 2017 4:30:00 PM

College students tend to be busy people and becoming an RA is like taking on a "full-time" position. But if you want to be a resource for other students or be a campus leader being an RA can be a very rewarding experience. The job requires countless hours, sleepless nights, and commitment. So if you're not ready to make a large commitment or are in it solely for the money... this is not the job for you!

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