Feb 25, 2022 Jodi Anderson

PSATs and SATs Are Going Digital

According to CollegeBoard, the anticipated rollout out for the digital tests will begin in a phased approach.
            Digital PSAT testing will begin in Fall of 2023
            Digital SAT testing will begin in March of 2024
The digital format will not be the current paper test put onto a computer. The digital version has been created and updated to provide additional ease in taking and giving the test in a more secure and relevant manner.
Changes include:
  • Students will test on a laptop or tablet versus paper and pencil
  • Format of test is changing to be more concise and less wordy
  • Duration of test shortened from 3 to 2 hours
  • Reading passages are shorter
  • May use a calculator on the entire math section
  • Scores can be delivered in days versus weeks
Remaining the same:
  • The test will still be scored on a 1600-point scale
  • Test will still be taken at a school or test center (not at home)
  • Free resources and practice test still available at Khan Academy
  • Test platform will continue to connect students to scholarship opportunities
Worried about intermittent wi-fi connections? The digital platform has a built- in save function for any type of power or connectivity loss that will save the students work.
It seems timely if not overdue that this test method is changing. Students today and their education curriculums from pre-school to high school incorporate technology as a learning tool. The paper and pencil testing method has become outdated, wouldn’t you agree? With updating in mind, CollegeBoard did some testing of their own with a pilot program to prepare for this paper to digital transition. Example of student feedback below:
“It felt a lot less stressful, and whole lot quicker than I thought it'd be,” said Natalia Cossio, an 11th grade student from Fairfax County, VA who participated in the digital pilot. “The shorter passages helped me concentrate more on what the question wanted me to do. Plus, you don’t have to remember to bring a calculator or a pencil."
Source: https://newsroom.collegeboard.org/digital-sat-brings-student-friendly-changes-test-experience
For more information on the upcoming changes of the SAT going digital, watch this 5-minute YouTube video from the CollegeBoard with all the details known to date.


Published by Jodi Anderson February 25, 2022