Oct 06, 2022 Jodi Anderson

Have you had the "COLLEGE TALK" with Your Guidance Counselor Yet?


If you are a junior or senior in high school, NOW IS THE TIME to have one or more discussions with your guidance counselor if you have not already done so.  You may get scheduled by the guidance office without reaching out, but why not get yourself on the guidance calendar sooner rather than later. Guidance counselors can be a tremendous help in your preparation for college.

Topics to Discuss:

Since you are going to take the initiative to schedule the meeting, below are some topics for your conversation.

  • Review colleges on your list and ask about what colleges they would suggest adding. 
  • Discuss classes for senior year. Make sure to take the right courses not only for graduation requirements but ones that will continue to challenge you the student. Challenge matters. When you sign up for your senior year classes, remember that colleges are as interested in the challenge of your curriculum as well as your final grade.
  • Discuss a testing plan. With so much changing on testing requirements, discuss a plan to take the SAT and maybe the ACT.
  • Talk about what role the counselor will play in the college application process over the next year. What information should the you give the counselor in order to write a letter of recommendation and request transcripts.
  • Discuss a timeline for the college application process. 
  • Review questions you have about financial aid such as different types and eligibility requirements?
  • What scholarship opportunities may be available to you?

The guidance office is a great place to start as your guidance counselor has first-hand knowledge of high school and college.  Knowing more about your high school experience, academics, activities, and extracurricular activities can help your guidance counselor help you create a list of best college matches for your success.

Skip the Excuses?

  1. “My guidance counselor isn’t available much.” If you ask, they will make time.
  2. “I don’t know who my guidance counselor is.” No time like the present to ask.

Did You Know?

Guidance counselor recommendations are almost always required to submit recommendation letters for school applications. So getting acquainted with your guidance counselor will only help them in writing their recommendation for your college applications.

If you are anxious to get started and map out your college plan, in addition to speaking with your guidance counselor you can:

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors at the College Planning Center
  2. Visit our website at collegeplanningcenter.org and visit the Getting Started page.
  3. Download our free College Planning guide, which has many helpful hints regarding applications, essays and a very helpful timeline to keep you on timely track.
  4. Attend one of our free information sessions which are hosted throughout the fall at high schools state-wide. 

    "There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true."  ~Edwin Louis Cole 


Published by Jodi Anderson October 6, 2022