Types of College Admission

Sep 26, 2017 2:59:00 PM

School is back in session and whether you are getting ready to take your SATs/ACTs, edit down your college essay, or are in the process of filling out your college applications, you should be aware of all the types of college admission options available to you. The earlier you become knowledgeable about the admissions process, the better. Knowing this important information can help you prepare to apply for whatever admission type you prefer, without scrambling around at the last minute.

You may be at the height of college planning stress right now, but let us assure you that before you know it, you will be selecting a school to enroll at and packing up the car to head to college! Use the below admission descriptions to help you determine which road to college admissions will be the best fit for you.


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Fall Budget Bites... Meals for College Students

Sep 22, 2017 9:37:00 AM

If you're a college student or recent college grad and feel like you don't have a lot of money for food - or any dinner inspiration - this one is for you! As a recent grad, I know it can be really difficult to meal plan, get yourself to the grocery store, and work within a tight budget. "About 42% of millennials’ monthly food budget is spent on food prepared outside the home according to a survey last year by Acosta. Millennials spent an average of $202 a month on food prepared outside the home last year," according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

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Avoiding the Sophomore Slump - How to Thrive in College

Sep 21, 2017 10:23:01 AM

Feeling confused about your place in the world? Unsure of what you should study? Wavering between following your passions or taking the practical path? In your second year of college? Then you, my friend, may be experiencing the sophomore slump.

The sophomore slump is a real thing that is described as when second year students have entered a stage of "developmental confusion. The sophomore slump results from student’s struggles with achieving competence, desiring autonomy, establishing identity, and developing purpose." (Richard & Lemons 1987)

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Colleges in Rhode Island: What's Your Best Match?

Sep 15, 2017 2:06:00 PM

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US but is the home to 11 great options for higher education. Whether you want a big or small school, public or private, urban or rural school setting - your perfect college match can be found in little Rhody! Each school offers a diverse set of majors and programs to appeal to prospective students. If one school you're looking at doesn't have the specific major you wish to pursue, chances are that another university nearby will.
The city of Providence alone hosts 5 colleges and universities, making it a city that always has something to do. The other 6 institutions are spread out across RI, so you may find yourself studying by the sea or in a quaint small town.
Here is a rundown of each of the colleges & universities:  

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College Fairs in RI: 8th Annual College Fair

Sep 8, 2017 7:45:00 AM

It's a home run! Once again, the College Planning Center of Rhode Island has teamed up with the PawSox to host one of the biggest college fairs in New England. This year is the 8th annual College Planning Center college fair and each year the fair gets better.

High school sophomores, juniors, seniors and their parents should mark their calendars for September 19, 2017 from 6pm - 8pm. The fair will be hosted at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI. At the fair, students will have the opportunity to speak with college representatives and learn about the academic culture of individual colleges. Over 100 colleges are expected to attend.

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Preparing a College Budget

Sep 6, 2017 6:17:00 PM

Budgeting for college isn't always easy. Creating a plan isn't really the hard part. There are just a couple of simple steps you'll need to follow to get it done: outline your expenses, determine your income, and allocate your resources to different categories. But after you have your budget plan in place, you'll be required to exercise a tremendous amount of diligence. This is the hard part! It is easier said than done for anyone, including those who have been living on their own for years, nevermind for new high school grads setting out from home for the first time! It might take some practice, but with patience and confidence, you'll eventually find your groove with managing your money and sticking to your budget.

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Notice to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Sep 6, 2017 2:26:30 PM

If you are a resident of Texas or Louisiana, we recognize you and your family may have been seriously affected by Hurricane Harvey. During this difficult time, we want to do our part to help make life a little bit easier.

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College Planning Timeline for Seniors [Infographic]

Sep 5, 2017 3:05:00 PM

As a high school senior (or the parent of one!), you probably have a lot on your plate: schoolwork, sports and possibly even a job. On top of all of that, it's time to apply to college!

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College Planning Tips for September

Sep 4, 2017 9:31:00 AM

Back to school and back to reality! September means it's time for high school seniors to get down to business. There is a lot to accomplish in order to get ready for application season. As for juniors, it's time to buckle down and get yourself organized. Don't know what you should be doing in order to prep for college? We've outlined some suggestions for seniors and juniors for the month of September.

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