College Planning Guide: Getting Started

Sep 29, 2015 1:31:21 PM

Your child is a sophomore or junior in college. You know it is time to get started with the college planning process (if you haven't already) but it is hard to know where to begin. This college planning guide will help your child get started with conducting a self-inventory and taking off with his or her college search. 

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Refinancing Student Loans Can Simplify Your Life

Sep 24, 2015 4:09:04 PM

If you have college loans for your or your child's education, then you are probably counting down the days until they are paid off. College loans can be a bear to manage. Many students and parents are paying multiple bills every month. Others are trying to make ends meet while staying on top of large monthly payments or paying more interest than they would like. In general, students and parents are simply spending more time thinking about their college loans than most people care to spend. 

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Parent tips: 5 Ways to help your child pick the best college

Sep 16, 2015 11:04:03 AM

Being a parent comes with challenges during every stage of life. It's a balancing act and during stressful times, a delicate one. Deciding on where to apply to college is equally exciting and terrifying for students. As a parent, you are likely feeling many of the same emotions as your child. You want to be supportive, but you also want your child to be realistic. You've been around the block, and you don't want for your child to make mistakes that can affect their future success or happiness.

So how do you help your son or daughter choose the right school? 

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7 Tips for Borrowing Less for College

Sep 2, 2015 1:40:18 PM

If you are like most parents, the thought of borrowing for your child's college education gives you the willies! Borrowing is a scary thing, and sending your child off to college just makes the whole process even more anxiety provoking. But fear not, there are some ways you can minimize your borrowing costs. 

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