May 05, 2022 Jodi Anderson

What’s New at RISLA?  Take a Look!

Our look - that's what’s new. It was time for a logo makeover.


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But no worries, this is the only change.  RISLA continues to offer GREAT rates and services.

RISLA, a non-profit, quasi state-based agency has been serving our community for over 40 years starting with the single offering of low-cost student loans. As time marched on the community needed more in helping to achieve their educational dreams. See how we evolved and what we have to offer now.RISLA_COLOR_BAR_2200X265_OPTIMIZED


Our College Planning Center was launched in 1998 providing free expertise on how to plan, prepare and pay for college. The College Planning center continues to offer many great services on a one-on-one basis via individual appointments to help families with comparing college options and information on applications and the admissions process including essay reviews to help students put their best foot forward. Our counselors are experts when it comes to assisting with financial aid beginning with educating families on the various aid sources, providing personal assistance on how to apply for that aid, including personalized completion assistance of the FAFSA. The CPC provides informational sessions at our local high schools as well as provides virtual on-line information sessions regularly. And let's not forget the all- important and fun Annual College Fair. This fair include admissions representatives from more than 100 local and regional colleges and universities and is always a free event for students and their families.  


Student lending evolved to state-based lending of private loans only as the Family Federal Education Loan Program became the Federal Direct Lending Program managed by the Department of Education only. As a private lender RISLA's programs expanded to lending beyond just undergrad students, offering more to Graduates, Certificate students, and Parents loans low cost options as well. Offering a competitive interest rate is not enough for today’s student and families, so RISLA expanded over the years their program benefits introducing added value with rate discounts and borrower protections, such as Income-Based Repayments and Loan Forgiveness for unfortunate events such as death or disability of the student borrower.

Unique programs such as the Nursing Rewards Program, and Internship Loan Forgiveness Program were introduced along with our Knowledge for College Scholarship Program. Our Scholarship Program awards 50 eligible students $2,000 each totaling $100,000 annually.


Student loan refinancing has become a big part of student loan repayment for millions of borrowers. We have all seen and read the VERY large number associated with student debt but there are ways to help reduce the student debt burden with the right refinancing product. That is why RISLA was one of the first state-based organizations to offer refinancing loans. Our program has continued to grow, offering flexible repayment options to best match various repayment goals (shorter terms to pay off more quickly, longer terms to reduce monthly payment amounts) but most importantly, offering competitively low rates to help with overall savings with the reduction of interest costs. And recently added is our newest program offering the refinance option for students still attending school and not yet in repayment. If the opportunity presents to lower your interest rate before repayment begins, why not refi, now and repay later?


It bears repeating that graduates today have taken on higher debt than previous generations. While student debt is the norm for a high percentage of students to earn the education and training for the careers of today, this issue is now being recognized by employers trying to hire and retain this up-and-coming talent. As we are experts in student lending and repayment, we are now working with employers to provided student loan repayment assistance to their employees. Employer Student Loan Repayment Assistance is fast becoming in high demand from prospective employees. This is a tax-free, financial wellness employee benefit offering assistance in helping employees reduce financial stress in the form of employer contributions towards outstanding student loans.


RISLA has been proud to serve our community, and we look forward to doing so for many years to come. Who knows how we else we can help in the future? But rest assured if there are additional services to offer to assist families with “Planning, Preparing and Paying for College” we will make it our goal to lead the way.




Published by Jodi Anderson May 5, 2022