What you need to know about financial aid [Infographic]

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Apr 1, 2017 7:04:00 AM

If you are heading to college, listen up. Financial aid can prevent you from paying a big part of that big price tag, and knowing what the process entails will make applying a little less painful! So, you want to know if you qualify, what types of aid are available, and how to apply to receive aid? Well, you came to the right place! We've compiled an infographic (see below) with all the important information you need to know regarding financial aid.

As a current student in college, navigating the financial aid process is tricky and something that I don't like dealing with. I've learned over the years that financial aid is a big part of paying for college, though, so making sure that you understand the different types of loans, scholarships and other forms of aid is critical. If you work hard in school now, trust me, it will pay off when you receive "free money" with your financial aid package.

If you are having difficulty applying, submitting the FAFSA, or just don't understand your award letters, book a free appointment with the College Planning Center of Rhode Island. Meet with our counselors one-on-one to make applying and understanding the financial aid process easier.

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