How to Be a Good Roommate [Infographic]

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Jul 20, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Are you a roommate or do you have a roommate? Have you ever had to share your personal living space before? Before heading to college, many students have never bunked up with another living soul which means each fall, there are a whole lot of inexperienced roommates getting their feet wet on campus.

Living with other people in college is more common than not, but it's not always easy. Some things that you do in your everyday routine may bother (or even enrage!) your roommate and vice versa. Do you leave mountains of clothes on the floor or do you wake up to an obnoxious alarm? Roommate questionnaires (usually administered through your college) are critical when being matched with your first-year roommate. It's nice to be matched up with someone who has a similar schedule and habits as you. Be sure to answer all questions truthfully - it will be well worth your time and save you from telling a roommate horror story in the future. 

To help you avoid confrontations with your roommate, we've compiled some important rules and tips to help you become a better roommate whether you've lived with people before or if this is your first time around! Check out this awesome infographic (see below) with important details you need to know about living and sharing a space with other people.

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How to be a good roommate


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