Apr 05, 2012 Lindie Johnson

Top 5 Places to Find Scholarships in RI

Now that you have received your college financial aid award letter, you may be wondering, "how am I going to pay for this?" Scholarships, even small ones, are a great way of reducing the amount you need to borrow for college. When looking for scholarships in Rhode Island, keep in mind these key places:

  1. RIScholarships.org - The College Planning Center's free website of local scholarships. Input your personal attributes and view a list of scholarships you could potentially qualify for. Start your search.
  2. Your guidance office - It's likely your high school guidance office maintains a binder of local scholarships, some of which may be only available to students from your school. Check with your guidance counselor and make sure they know you are interested and motivated to apply for local scholarships.
  3. Your local libary - Check the bulletin boards, ask the librarians, search and check out scholarship books. These are all great places to find scholarships.
  4. Your parent's workplace - Many employers offer small scholarship programs to children of employees. Have mom and dad check with their employers to see if they have a program or know of any family programs. 
  5. Your hometown newspaper - Check for advertisements on local programs. There may also be listings or articles on scholarship programs in your home town. Scan through every issue and make sure to pay attention to deadline dates.

RIScholarships.org: Start your free search

Published by Lindie Johnson April 5, 2012
Lindie Johnson