Apr 06, 2017 Lindie Johnson

Scholarship Myths - Busted! [Infographic]

While "shopping" for a college, the sticker price can be quite overwhelming. And unfortunately the trend shows that tuition and fees keep rising higher than the year previously. But on a positive note, there is a pattern in the net price that students are paying. There has been significant increases in grant aid (including scholarships), which allows students to attend college for less than what the college lists on their website. 

Many myths continue to prevent students from pursuing their chance at receiving free money.  It is not true that only student athletes, low-income students, and brainiacs can apply for and get scholarships! There are many programs that give out money that have different eligibility requirements. Finding scholarships that you qualify for is time-consuming but the reward can make it a very good investment of time. The more scholarships you apply for, the better your odds!

Here are ten scholarships myths, backed-up by fact. And be sure to visit, RIscholarships.org to view and apply for hundreds of scholarship opportunities once you see how you, too, can qualify for scholarships. Trust us - it is worth your time!

Scholarship Myths (1).png


Published by Lindie Johnson April 6, 2017
Lindie Johnson