RISLA's Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Posted by Alyssa Pascarella on Dec 29, 2017 12:36:00 PM

This year alone we published over 90 blogs, but these 10 blogs really stuck out. We've covered almost everything college related, from discussing loan options to the very first steps of college planning. Save the blogs you love and share the ones that you think others need to see!

RISLA blogs of 2017

  1. 7 Steps to Applying for College Financial Aid All of the necessary steps to successfully complete and file your FAFSA form, apply for scholarships, compare your award letters, and apply for loans.
  2. How to Handle FAFSA Corrections Did you make a mistake on your FAFSA? Maybe you made a typo, put the wrong income information or didn't input any schools. See common errors and how to remedy them!
  3. College Planning Timeline for Juniors [Infographic] Don't let the college planning process overwhelm you. All the steps you should be taking during your junior year of high school are broken down month-by-month in this article.
  4. College Essay Tips: How to Blow Away Admissions Officers The most important part about your college application is your essay! Read our 10 tips on how to blow away admissions officers.
  5. Things college students shouldn't spend money on There is plenty of time in your life to go on vacation and go out for the lack of anything better to do. Stop spending and don't waste your money on luxury goods or fancy dinners. Be a college student, eat ramen and be a thrifty shopper.
  6. College loans for parents: FAQ Parents always have tons of questions when it comes to paying for college. Get the inside scoop on the most frequently asked questions about student loans.
  7. 10 Tips about student loans you can't afford to miss Exhausting other means of money like scholarships and grants is a great way to borrow less for school. Remember: only borrow what you absolutely need and what you can afford to repay.
  8. College Planning Timeline for Seniors [Infographic] Senior year is the busiest time for college planning and it's easy to let things fall by the wayside. Stay on track with our step-by-step college planning timeline!
  9. The Importance of Self-Discipline in College College is the time when you are transitioning from being a teenager to a real adult (scary, I know)! In order to be successful, self discipline is essential.
  10. Things to Know Before You Borrow [Infographic] Educating yourself on student loans before you become a borrower is the key to responsible borrowing. Learn about types of loans, steps to apply, and get answers to frequently asked questions, all in one place!

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