Mar 25, 2020 Alyssa Pascarella

7 Ways to be More Efficient Learning from Home

A few weeks ago, a lot of students began to attend school online because of the coronavirus. This is a big change that has been affecting all different types of students all over the globe indefinitely. Adapting to remote learning isn't always easy when you're used to being in the classroom. We hope some of our tips will help you maximize your learning at home during this time!
Learning from Home

Create a comfortable & productive space.

This is one of the most important things to help you succeed. Whether you set up a space in your bedroom, office, or dining room make sure that it is somewhere that you'll be able to focus and get your work done. If you don't have a desk and chair already, you can get creative with what you have around you.

Dedicate the same time to classwork each day.

Follow your school schedule as normal. If you usually have English at 9:30 AM on Tuesday's, do your English work at the designated time. Managing your time will be essential to staying on track with your teacher's curriculum. If you follow your schedule, you will be on track for success!

Check your online classroom & email often.

Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury to have our teachers tell us at the end of class what the assignment is for the next day, so keep a close eye on your email and online classroom for assignment notifications. You wouldn't want to miss an assignment if you were physically in school, so don't miss an assignment when learning from home.

Take breaks in between classes or projects.

This one is super important! Just taking a 5 minute break between "classes" will help you stay focused. Think about the time you usually have when changing from classes, same idea! Talk to your parents, pet your dog, or do a few quick laps outside.

FaceTime or video chat with your classmates.

One thing that you can't take home with you is your friends. Plan a video call with your friends to work on school assignments and to just to catch up! Try to keep life like normal as much as possible while you are at home. Keeping that human connection in a time like this will help you keep your cool.

Contact your teacher if you need help.

Not every student learns the same and your teachers know that. Some students are visual, while others are auditory learners. If you need assistance or extra explanation on a topic, just ask. They will be especially happy to help you out until things go back to normal and you will be happy that you asked!

Get exercise daily.

The weather doesn't cooperate every day, but when the sun is shining, get outside and take a walk. On days where you can't go outside, stream a workout video from your favorite studio or gym. A lot of fitness centers are offering free or deeply discounted virtual classes. Make sure to get your steps in, even on days when you're stuck inside.
Give some of these tips a try and see what works! If you need outside support when it comes to college planning please book an appointment with our College Planning Center. Please note: that all appointments will take place over the phone until further notice.
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Published by Alyssa Pascarella March 25, 2020