Oct 04, 2018 Lindie Johnson

Fun Facts: Roger Williams University

College Kickoff week is over, but we still have some fun facts to share about Rhode Island's colleges and universities to help you with planning for college. Here are some fun facts provided by Roger Williams University! 

Aerial Shot of RWU Campus

Fun Fact

The statue of Roger Williams on our campus is actually the face of baseball great Ted Williams because they did not know what Roger looked like.

Advice to applicants

Make sure you present your full self in the application. Use your essay to tell your story. At RWU, they read everything holistically, which means their admissions staff sees you as a whole person (versus) simply a grade point average or a test score. Show them who you are!


It's a myth that you cannot pursue both your passion and something that practically leads to a job prospect.  At RWU, it’s so easy (and popular!) to add a second major and/or minor.  Many RWU students complement their practical major with their passion area, but find that they can actually apply their passion to a career.

Popular major

Engineering is one of RWU's most popular majors, and also one of the most challenging. Students are both pushed and supported in advanced coursework and they complement this with hands-on experiences out in the field that allow them to step out of their comfort zone and really appreciate what the work is like. Students will soon benefit from a brand new, state-of-the-art engineering building that is in the process of being built!

Something to share

Roger Williams University has the distinction of being structured like a comprehensive university with all the opportunities that provides, while also offering small class sizes and a personalized, community feel.


Published by Lindie Johnson October 4, 2018
Lindie Johnson