Fun Facts: RISD

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Sep 18, 2018 11:56:50 AM

It's College Kickoff week and we will be highlighting some fun facts about many of Rhode Island's colleges and universities this week to help you with planning for college. Here are some fun facts provided by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), RI's major art institution. 

Fun Fact

RISD was founded in 1877 by a small group of women more than 40 years before women in America even gained the right to vote. 


Advice to applicants

Your portfolio is an opportunity to show us a range of work: different subjects, varied mediums, and conceptual exploration. We want to see your best and most recent risk-taking pieces with observation being a key element. Really let us get to know you and show your personality through your work. 


We're not just art! Our undergraduate students take 1/3 of their credits in rigorous liberal arts courses to complete their degrees. In fact, this fall we enrolled our first masters of arts program in two new liberal arts majors!

Popular major

Illustration (UG), Painting (GR)


Something to share

We offer a dual degree program with Brown University and also allow students to cross-register at Brown - and Brown students can take classes at RISD too!


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