Fun Facts: Providence College

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Sep 19, 2018 12:09:00 PM

It's College Kickoff week and we will be highlighting some fun facts about many of Rhode Island's colleges and universities this week to help you with planning for college. Here are some fun facts provided by Providence College (PC). 

Fun Fact

When it comes to college athletics, the Friars are unique! They are the smallest school in a major athletic conference, as well as the only Division I school to have black and white as the school colors.

Advice to applicants

Make sure your application is personal! When the PC admission's staff reviews it, they’re trying to determine what type of community member you will be on campus. Throughout your list of activities, essay, or writing supplements, help them learn what you’re involved or interested in and how they can expect to see that play out in the next four years.



You don’t need to know exactly what you want to study when you enter as a student. At Providence, students are admitted to the College on the whole, not a particular school or program. If you don’t know what you want to study – that is fine! They have a lot of programs that students in high school have never ever heard of and encourage students to arrive ready to try out different fields and see what sparks a passion. 

Popular major

Biology is PC's largest single major, but the four majors of the School of Business are approximately 35% of the student body.

Something to share

While there are hundreds of Catholic colleges throughout the country, Providence College is the only college in the US run by the Dominican Friars.  They were the first college in the country to offer a major in community service.   Even though they didn’t have a track on-campus until two years ago, they still have had 63 All-Americans and 11 Olympians.

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