College Move In Day Fails: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Aug 25, 2014 12:21:00 PM

College move-in day comes with a lot of mixed emotions for students and parents. Don't stress out yourself - or your family- any more than necessary by falling victim to any of these common college move-in day pitfalls. 

college Move in Day fails

1. Bringing too much stuff. 

Freshman dorm rooms are famously small, even at colleges that offer "big" dorm rooms. To top it all off, you are going to be sharing that space with a roommate or two. Don't assume you can fit all of the luxuries you had at home into one tiny space you are sharing with others. Pack essentials (clothes you just can't live without, bedding basics, first aid kit, shower cady) into one bin - leave other "nice to have but can live without items" in a separate bin. That way if you run out of room in your dresser, under your bed, your closet, etc. etc. you will know what you can send back home with your folks without going into a stress-inducing frenzy. 

2. Forgetting water and snacks. 

Going back to school always fools us into thinking it is fall - but early September is still summer folks. And with summer, often comes hot and humid temperatures, especially if you will be heading south for college. Remember to come with a cooler of ice cold water and snacks to help you power through move in day. Bring enough to offer any current college students who assist you with unpacking your car and lugging your dorm room essentials into your new living space. 

3. Not coordinating with your roommate. 

Talk to your roommate before college move in day to get a sense of what they will be bringing and to determine which large-scale items you can share, such as an area rug, TV, or mini-fridge. Also, try to come up with a plan on when you will arrive at college. It might be easier to have only one person moving into that tiny space at a time. You will avoid bumping into each other and creating a bottle-neck at the door. 

4. Forgetting your IDs. 

If there is one thing you can't move in to college without, it is your IDs. You can't register for school or prove who you are without them. So, even if you forget your shampoo, favorite pillow, or trusted sneakers (which can all be sent to you by your wonderful parents) DON'T forget to bring your ID!

5. Making a bad impression on your roommates. 

Move-in day can be stressful - and yes, your parents may be frustrating you as you try to move on with this next stage in your life. But be kind and respectful. You don't want the first time you meet your roommate to be over a fight between you and your parents. Make a good impression, hold your tongue and count to ten when you mom suggests to put the lamp on the right side instead of the left side of the desk (you can move it wherever you want when she leaves!) and put your best foot forward when meeting the person you are going to be spending a LOT of time with this next year. 


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