Five Strange Scholarships that You Might Qualify For

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Oct 16, 2013 1:35:00 PM

There are many misconceptions floating around out there about college scholarships. For example, you don't have to be a perfect, straight-A student to get one. In fact, many scholarships in Rhode Island are specifically designed for students with unique gifts, talents and interests. To help inspire you as you begin your own college scholarship quests, we thought we would share some of the five strangest scholarships we've come across, just to reassure you that many scholarship and grant supporters are interested in more than just brains and academic talent.

  1. Adele Sheila Landesberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Psychiatric NursingRule Number 1 when scholarships hunting: Look for scholarships surrounding your areas of academic interest. As this scholarship fund indicates, sometimes what you want to do is weighted more heavily than what you have done thus far. If you're interested in attending the University of Rhode Island-Kingston, and are interested in Psychiatric Nursing, this is the scholarship for you.
  2. Scholarships for Animal ActivismRule Number 2: Identify grants and scholarships handed out to students who share your passions and interests. For example, the Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship is given to New England students who have demonstrated, "a deep respect for animals and people in achieving their dreams of working in the service of animals." Does that sound like you or someone you know? There's $2,500 just waiting to be handed over.
  3. Sophomores and Juniors in CollegeRule Number 3: Don't give up on the idea of scholarships just because you aren't a freshman anymore. While it's true that most scholarships are handed out to freshman or returning students, some scholarships in Rhode Island are designed to help students who are already enrolled in school. Perhaps their donors recognized that it can be tougher to finance college expenses the further along you get, or maybe they wanted to make sure the recipients were truly dedicated to the collegiate experience. Either way, the Paul H. Conway Memorial Scholarship is designated for Rhode Island Residents who are current College of Arts and Science Undergraduates, with at least 24-completed credits under their belts. Are you a sophomore or junior in college? Go get your $3000 and breathe a sigh of relief.
  4. Calling All Duck CallersRule Number 4: Don't discount your crazy,Duckling wacky party tricks or the old-school talents your grandpa taught you when you used to go duck hunting. There really are scholarships for every kind of student. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest awards scholarships to graduating seniors who can, well, call ducks! Granted, you will have to make your way to Stuttgart, Arkansas to participate, the winnings are pretty impressive. There are four scholarship prizes, ranging from $2000 to $500. Happy quacking!
  5. Obsessed with Duct Tape? Rule Number 5: It never hurts to get creative! We all know that duct tape can fix everything, but who knew it could even fix your collegiate financial conundrum too? The Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is sponsored by Duck® Brand Duct Tape. You have to be a high school student (you can apply for this one before your senior year!), and attend a school sanctioned prom. Then, you have to wear full-prom attire, made almost exclusively from Duck® Brand duct tape. The grand prize is $5000 dollars, as well as a $5000 donation made directly to the winner's school. If you enter this one, we would love to see your finished product(s)!

Searching for scholarships in Rhode Island should be an inspiring process. If you do your research, and enlist the right scholarship search help, the world of college financing will be your oyster.

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