Sep 14, 2011 Lindie Johnson

Colleges in Rhode Island Fared Well on U.S. News College Rankings

Yesterday, U.S. News released its annual college ranking lists, and colleges in Rhode Island fared well. While college rankings are a good way of researching schools and learning about school reputations, remember to take them with a grain of salt. Just because a school isn't on the top of a ranking list doesn't mean it isn't the best option for you or doesn't offer good programs! Not every school is considered on every list, so remember to only use these as a general guide. 

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National Universities

National Liberal Arts Colleges

Regional Universities

Regional Colleges

They also offer rankings on the best undergraduate business programs, best undergraduate engineering programs, historically black colleges and universities rankings, best undergraduate teaching programs, and top public schools.

We think you will be surprised by many of the colleges on the best value schools ranking list, many of which are often thought of as high priced but offer fantastic financial aid programs and great education. Rhode Island's Brown University, for example, comes in at #15 on the list with Harvard University at #1 (64.1% of the students receive need based grants and the average discount from the total cost is 73%!)

Also notable is the list of A+ options for B students and up and coming schools. You can also view lists on colleges with economic diversity, ethnic diversity and more. Check it out.

For colleges in Rhode Island, Providence college ranked #4 in Regional Universities in the North, Bryant University came out #16 for Regional Universities in the North, Salve Regina was #24 on that same list.

Brown University was #16 for National Universities, #6 on Best Undergraduate Teaching, #5 on the High School Counselor ranking list, #14 for Math graduate programs, and fell in the top 20-30 for many other disciplines.

University of Rhode Island came out at #46 for top Pharmacy programs.


Published by Lindie Johnson September 14, 2011
Lindie Johnson