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Which college in Rhode Island is right for you?

colleges-in-rhode-islandPicking the right colleges in Rhode Island to check out and, ultimately, go to, is a big decision. The very first step is to compile the information that will help you make the best choice.

Start searching for colleges in Rhode Island by exploring the various college options. The great thing about the American system of higher education is that there are so many different types of schools to choose from. Most people like you find that one that feels like the most comfortable fit. Here's a brief look at the types of colleges in Rhode Island:

Community Colleges

Community colleges are 2-year colleges where students can begin their education in preparation for a career or in hopes that they will be transferring to a 4-year college. These colleges primarily offer Associate degrees, although some also offer four-year degree programs in some majors like hotel management. Community colleges in Rhode Island can be good options for students who aren't sure they want to commit to a 4-year program just yet. The Community College of Rhode Island is the only community college in Rhode Island has 6 locations in the state.

4 Year Colleges

4 year colleges come in two types: Liberal arts colleges and universities. Liberal arts colleges are 4-year colleges that focus entirely on undergraduate education. That means you'll get a Bachelor's degree from them. Do not let the fact that the word “arts” is in liberal arts fool you into thinking liberal arts colleges are only for that. They offer majors in a variety of subjects, including science. Some of these colleges also offer programs in business and engineering. Liberal arts colleges can be great choices for students who are interested in applying to graduate school, medical school and law school. Students who go to liberal arts colleges often have a great deal of hands on research experience that at other institutions might be only be reserved for the graduate higher echelon.

Universities offer degrees from the bachelor's level all the way up to doctorate level. These kinds of schools offer some specialized career-focused majors, like business, architecture, or engineering. Universities tend to be larger than liberal arts colleges and can be wonderful options for students who want a range of career-oriented majors. Also, universities can be good choices for students who are interested in English, economics, foreign languages, and sciences.

Four year colleges in Rhode Island


Technical Colleges & Trade Schools

Technical colleges and trade schools offer a multitude of programs which may lead to a certificate, license, or degree, depending upon the school and program. Technical colleges prepare students for specific careers such as computer technology, culinary studies, cosmetology, automotive repair, medical assistance, etc. The length of time it will take you to complete your program depends on what you study but can range from less than one year to several years.

Technical & Trade Schools in Rhode Island

Remember that schools are a mixture of public and private and you may want to choose a school based on your own personal, religious and/or ideological leanings as well.

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