5 worst pieces of advice we've heard about finding scholarships in RI

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Jan 7, 2015 3:00:00 PM

iStock_000027420252SmallIf you are concerned about how you will pay for college, you may have begun to look into various scholarships in RI. At first glance, it may seem as though there is no funding available for the average high school senior.  However, there are plenty of scholarships available - for every kind of student - that may take some time to locate and apply for. The key is to not get discouraged and listen to bad advice.  

Here are five of the worst pieces of advice we've heard about finding scholarships in Rhode Island. And if you are interested, here are some additional tips to make your search a success

  • "Don't bother to apply because it is a waste of time."- Why disqualify yourself before you even try? Although there may be a large number of applicants for a specific scholarship, someone has to win. So why not at least put yourself in the running? You may be surprised at your odds of actually being awarded the scholarship of choice. Local scholarships don't tend to have as many applicants as their national counterparts (we've heard of cases where there are only a handful of applicants to choose from or none at all!) so they are where you should put in your best effort. Plus, it doesn't hurt to get more experience writing essays and completing Start your free search
  • "Only valedictorians get scholarships"- This statement is a widely known misconception about scholarships. Although there are academic scholarships available, there are also a plethora of others to choose from. There are scholarships for minorities, community service participants, and those with exceptional athletic ability. There are even scholarships for writing abilities and those with unusual talents. Take some time to evaluate what makes you special, and what your interests are (fishing? bowling? there may be a scholarship out there for you!) and start researching to see if there is a scholarship designed just for you.
  • "Pay a service to find a scholarship"- If you are seeking help funding your college career, chances are you don't have money to throw away. With all of the free resources available to help locate scholarships, there is no logical need to have to pay to locate an internship. Seek help from high school counselors or non profit help to find scholarships. Take some time (we recommend a few hours a week) to research the internet to find and begin applying to the scholarships that suit you. Register with to search hundreds of local scholarship opportunities in Rhode Island. 
  • "Only apply for scholarships that award large amounts of money because the small ones don't matter"- When you need to pay for your college tuition, every little bit counts. It's better to do all that you can to ensure that you have covered all your bases than to be left wondering if all of your financial needs do not get met. In case you cannot secure a scholarship for a large amount (usually these tend to have many more applicants and are much more competitive), you may be awarded multiple lower amount scholarships that can cover the costs. Each time you apply for a scholarship, you increase your chances of winning. Don't deny yourself the chance to pay for college in any way that you can. 
  • "Don't spend a lot of time on individual scholarship essays and applications"- In order to apply for scholarships, you will have to put in time and hard work. In order to meet deadlines you will have to do what is required to be considered for the award. The more you write and apply, the better you will get at it. If you really have ambition, stay dedicated to the cause until you get the desired results. 

Make your search for scholarships in Rhode Island easy by registering with Local scholarships are often less competitive than national scholarships giving you the edge you need to earn the award. 

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