15 Ways To Avoid Internship Burnout

Posted by Lindie Johnson on Aug 28, 2018 10:24:34 AM

When you are a productive employee, feelings of accomplishment can bring serious satisfaction. Meeting all the deadlines, introducing new ideas, and mastering the craft can make you feel like you are at the top of your game as an intern. Keeping up with your classes, family, and social life can be a huge endeavor that keeps you just as busy as your internship. In order to keep things in perspective, you have to be practical about your ever growing list of demands so that you don't have one big crash. Here are fifteen ways for you to avoid internship burnout and instead let it be the great career planning tool it is.



  1. Get Sleep! This age old rule reigns supreme when it comes to preventing burn out. Make it a priority to get the proper amount of sleep each and every night. Plan your schedule accordingly to leave room for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

  2. Say No. Just because someone asks you to do something doesn't mean your are obligated to do it. If the activity will put you over the edge of your limits, say no. You aren't a bad friend if you do. You just want to be sure that you can handle the demands of your already busy lifestyle.

  3. Eat Right. In college, it's rather convenient to live on Ramen noodles and pizza every day. Although a little indulgence is okay some of the time, it shouldn't become a lifestyle. Put some effort into preparing healthy meals and snacks to eat for the week.

  4. No All-Nighters. Staying up all night is the wrong way to prepare for a final exam! At the beginning of a semester, you should already know when exams will be so plan accordingly. Split up study hours over time to help you keep your sleep schedule in tact and retain more information.

  5. Get Active. Even if you aren't the athletic type of person, make it a priority to get some form of exercise in everyday, even just a walk. Staying active is good for the mind and body.

  6. Stay Organized. Whether you use a planner or an app on your smartphone, find a way to keep track of all of the upcoming events in your life.

  7. Give Back. Volunteering is a great way to make you feel useful and switch things up to prevent burnout.

  8. Be Spontaneous. When you give it all you've got all week between your internship, school, and everything in between, use a weekend that you're free to let loose. Whether it be a road trip or a 5k, being spontaneous is always a great outlet.

  9. Use Time Wisely. If you have been given sick days and vacation days at your internship, use them wisely! If you have to go to work sick because you blew your sick days on something else, you will quickly burn out!

  10. Get Advice. Seek help from those who are older and wiser for tips and tricks on how to juggle life in the college years.

  11. Work Smart. While you are at work at your internship, keep a steady pace of productivity versus non-stop madness.

  12. Help Others. If you need a break from the monotony of your desk, take a moment to help someone else if it's okay with your superior.

  13. Breathe Deep. If you ever get frazzled, simply take a step back and practice some deep breathing exercises.

  14. Drink Up. Be sure that you are up on your water intake everyday (aim for eight 8oz glasses of water every day).

  15. Reward Yourself. Whenever you reach goals, reward yourself generously (but that doesn't mean overspend - be smart with your money!).

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